It’s all gotta go


All we are is wind in the dust

Friends, faculties, possessions, problems, dreams… We will all give up so much, and eventually everything. The blessed are not those who start with or acquire the most, or who keep it longest; rather, they that take the most joy and fulfillment in what they do have, and are fortunate in the manner and sequence of its departure.




Pulling in the edges

The world so large
tangled, hungry
and I so small

I take this place for mine
for so long we both
and on its eminence
I make my castle
my puddle
my world


Here be dragons

They come from the sky
breed in my pool
return to the sky
I wait

I come from the meadows
mate over the pool
leave many small selves

We come from the water
from hunting the water
dry on a reed
return to the sky




Where do I begin and the world end?
What line shall we draw?

Me, and the water
me, and the leaf
me, and my aura

Nine-tenths below
toes grasping liquid ground
skin chewing air
tongue spearing life from the sky
I breathe each atom of this ocean
bathe in the warmth of a far flame

I eat and drink and eat again
until one day eaten
become other toes and skin and tongue
and again
and back to earth and air
and one day, an old star dying and a new one born

Where do I begin? Where begins the great wet world?



Ichor and ambrosia

From siege perilous
the aspirant goes forth
bright sword, numinous company
guided by dream
stomach empty, chest full
faces the beast, himself
returns victorious (or not, dead)
brings wisdom to his tribe
glory to his line

From warm dark earth
I go forth
black-daggered, alone
the dance of fellows my lode
to beauty blind
face down gale and beak
wend home, panniers dusty-gilt
crop of liquid light
to feed my nation

We are all heroes




You seem so… steady

I change
I grow
I grow too large for myself

But we are granted room
and what I must cast off
I take back within me
to sinew the bow
fletch the bolt
fuel the leap
steady the change



 Snapping at gnats

Here now we dwell
we of waning tail and longing leg

Up there we one day wend
Up there in the heavy and dry
in the inconstant heat
the jaws and paws and claws
and good fat bugs

For now, we graze green tendrils
writhing worms
each other
and strike at the sky



Aye, all the way down

Older am I
than the sky

They say I
bear the world
dry blue moist green rich brown
backs on backs on mine

But that is myth

I am the world
Its place mine
its pace mine

Hard space above
soft earth below
between, all that moves
that lives
that loves
that is I




To outsit the sun
feel the leaf-isle extend its girth
as I mine
sense the new day rising slow at my back
let spiraled hours encircle
is to know:

Time is nothing
and there is nothing but time



 Year of the Water Snake

On currents borne:

In forest raised
by fire tempted
by earth nourished
by metal tested
in rain redeemed

Five elements
twelve totems
three score spindrift whorls

No rest for the reaper
nor yet the sower—

Once more around?



Nor wisdom to attain


How much do you really know?


Less than nothing.

But I practice.

Someday, I will know nothing. Then I can teach.



Arc of the covenant

To what we bow

I bow to my teacher
You to your student

I bow to the student in you
You to the teacher in me

I bow to the teacher in myself
You to the student in yourself

We bow to the Self in self and other

Together we bow to emptiness


Chance encounter

Chance encounter

Christmas chimes

A bell sounds clearest
 before it is struck

The truest tones
 arise effortless
 in spaces near the heart

Abide unwavering
 echo unfading
 where mind would rest
 if mind were real


A light that cannot be quenched

Orandum est ut sit

Let it be given unto us that we know:

Satisfaction in fulfillment

Gratitude in abundance

Delight in presence


Nurturance, serene abiding, and a star to guide